During the entire process the variables as well as the quality and colour are monitored, tested and carefully controlled to keep the TiVox to its highest standard.

Finally sheets that show any signs of convex points, roughness, discolouration (even shades), roller printing, folding scratches or fingerprints will be rejected therefore TiVox promises the best quality products.

NOTE: PVD is also an environmentally friendly technique as it does not employ the use of harsh chemicals that electroplating does.


Reputed to be 10 times more durable than other stainless steel. The risk of surface damage is greatly reduced. TiVox has a ‘true’ No. 8 mirror finish which is unattainable in other types of coloured S/S, providing the ideal polished surface. The colour consistency of TiVox is unmatched by other methods thus colour matching within a batch is no longer a problem.
TiVox is essentially a more sustainable type of cladding in situations where decorative steel is required. Standard thicknesses range from 0.5mm to 3mm, making it easily obtainable for the right job.

NOTE: Via special order, thickness’ up to 10mm are available.

TiVox can be specifically ordered with a unique coating which prevents fingerprint marks eliminating the worry and price of constantly cleaning a public space.


— Satin – No.4 Finish, Slight Brush Finish.
— Hairline – Brush Finish in entirely one direction.
— Vibration – A Multi-Directional Finish.
— Mirror – No.8 Finish, Perfect Reflection.
— Bead Blast – A non-directional finish, slight matt appearance.


TiVox comes in a wide range of selections, some feature colours include;

— Gold, Coffee Gold, White Gold & Rose Gold.
— Tea and Black.
— Nickel-Silver and Bronze.
— Violet and Blue.

For further information to any of our products or requesting any samples, please contact us through our phone number or email address.