Our Story

Fabmetal has built a reputation for providing construction and design solutions for architectural projects, delivering products of the highest quality finish. Our metal cladding work is featured in many of Melbourne's best-known landmarks, including Collins Square, Melbourne Quarter, Collins Arch, University of Melbourne (Arts West & MSD Building), NAB Dockland Headquarters and several major shopping complexes. The impressive rollcall of our clients is testament to our deserved reputation as premium quality providers of architectural metalwork results.

Whether you need spiral staircases, stainless balustrading, decorative metal pieces, metal cladding, perforated sheet metal or have a unique project of your own, we can help you. We can fabricate any type of architectural metalwork in single or complementary materials and in a variety of quality finishes. We can incorporate glass, brass and any number of other materials to create the look you desire. If your designers can conceive it, we can achieve it. Our experience and commitment to innovation give you the best of both worlds: lateral vision, fresh perspective, imagination and technological nous combined with the wise old head that only three-plus decades in the business can provide.

We can provide metal cladding for architectural elements such as columns, canopies, walls, doors, lift surrounds and feature panels in a variety of metallic materials and choice of finishes, including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, pewter, iron, graphite, and related alloys. No matter what type of finish you require, Fabmetal is the expert in design, manufacturing and installation. We have a detailed knowledge of Australian design regulations and building codes, ensuring all our products meet the legal requirements. And that goes for stainless balustrading, spiral staircases and any other type of perforated sheet metal or decorative project you can imagine.

What We Do


Any metal produced in sheet form can be used for metal cladding. We can clad architectural features such as building facades, columns, canopies, walls, lift surrounds and feature panels in a variety of metallic materials and a choice of metal finishes including TiVox coloured stainless steel. For rigidity and impact resistance, materials are laminated to a variety of substrates prior to installation. Some applications, like splashbacks, require a special heat resistant board to comply with BCA requirements.


Limited only by your imagination We can fabricate balustrades in single or complementary materials and in a variety of quality finishes, from a simple handrail to intricate balustrading for a multi-storey building. This design feature also acts to increase safety and stability of any staircase. Our products are designed with both usability and style in mind, which backs up our motto, 'Our edge is quality and craftsmanship'. Our detailed knowledge of design regulations and building codes ensures that our architectural features meet all relevant requirements as per Australian Standards and local laws. Fabmetal wants to provide a product of distinction that meets all the requirements including style, use, safety, strength and longevity.

Prototyping Concept

We are known for our skill in turning your ideas into reality We have built many unique projects that rely on our ability to take an idea through the phases of design, development and fabrication in a way that the original concept is always respected and the end product performs its intended function. We have the capacity to do this for all sorts of architectural features, decorative metal projects and metal finishes.

Our Clients