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What is Tivox

What is Tivox ?

TiVox is Fabmetal’s signature product which is a new type of coloured stainless steel. It is made with (usually) 304 grade via the process of Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). PVD is the method used to harden and also colour the surface of a metal but still retain the underlying material properties. High temperature vacuum furnace, titanium and zirconium are ionized and deposited onto a metal surface (approximately 6microns thick). The coating penetrates the surface a little making its adhesion excellent and strong then a special colour formatting substance is added to create the desired finish, thus creating a harder finish than other coloured steel. During the PVD of TiVox, the titanium actually hardens the stainless steel and the zirconium not only greatly improves its resistance to salt water and other common acids and alkalis but also protects from ultra violet light, thus the harsh sun has no effect on TiVox.

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